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Mother Tongue Is Your God-given Identity

Welcome to Mother Tongue Toys!

We are not a typical toy store that sells mass-produced toys. We create carefully designed dolls that educate children.

Our Story

The opportunity for intercontinental migration has led to generations of children who cannot speak their parents’ languages. In a world that is becoming smaller with improved technology, people benefit more from being multilingual.

It is also known that while some languages are dominant, others are going extinct. Being multilingual has been reported to improve brain structure, memory, and information processing. It also provides more opportunities and boosts confidence.

The Importance of Early Language Learning

There is no better phrase than “catch them young” when it comes to teaching new languages. This is why we have created mother tongue dolls and toys. These dolls are carefully designed to help children from many nationalities learn new languages and cultures at a stage when they can learn most efficiently.

Our Hope

We hope these dolls and toys will improve cultural identity and boost confidence in children. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn their parents’ language, no matter where they live.

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Enhance your child's learning and development with our educational toys that improve cultural identity and boost confidence!